Soloist of the Year - Dennis Cook

Duet of the Year - Cornerstone

Trio of the Year - Higher Ground

Male Quartet of the Year - Chordsmen

Mixed Quartet of the Year - Webb Quartet

Lead Vocalist of the Year - Gail Childers (Wards)

Baritone Vocalist of the Year - Vernon Murphy (Mercy Rain)

Tenor Vocalist of the Year - Allen Jones (Heartsong)

Bass Vocalist of the Year - Bobby Jayroe (Webb Quartet)

Soprano Vocalist of the Year - Angela Parker (Mercy Rain)

Alto Vocalist of the Year - Susan Campbell (The Gospelaires)

Female Vocalist of the Year- Debbie Seagraves

Male Vocalist of the Year - Dennis Cook

Song of the Year - Halfway Down The Aisle- Shellem Cline

Songwriter of the Year - Shellem Cline

Group of the Year - Higher Ground

Media Personality of the Year –Vonda Easley (Strictly Southern Show)

Southern Gospel Forerunner- Mike Ward





Soloist of the year- Dennis Cook 

Duet of the Year- Burning Bridges 

Trio of the year- The Wards 

Mixed Quartet of the Year- Golden Valley Crusaders 

Male Quartet of the year- Chordsmen Quartet 

Lead Vocalist of the Year- Dan Duncan (Forever Changed) 

Baritone Vocalist Of The Year- Kenn Jackson (Heritage) 

Tenor Vocalist Of The Year- Ray Carver (Beulahland) 

Bass Vocalist Of The Year- Glen Totherow (Heritage) 

Soprano Vocalist Of The Year- Julia Martinez (Wards) 

Alto Vocalist Of The Year- Becky Barfield (Forever Changed) 

Female Vocalist Of The Year- Becky Barfield (Forever Changed) 

Male Vocalist of The Year- Tony Burchette 

Song of The Year- Dinner With Jesus (Shellem Cline) 

Songwriter Of The Year- Shellem Cline 

Group Of the Year- Forever Changed 

Southern Gospel Forerunner- Rob Patz 

New Western District Host: New Vision Church, Conover, NC


LGMA received this letter from a lady about the 2014 convention


In March of this year, my husband and I moved to the Raleigh, NC area due to his job. One day as I was at home I heard on the local gospel radio station that the LGMA convention was coming to town. I must say this excited me because my husband and I attended the convention in 2013  in Lenoir, NC which at the time was only 35 minutes from our home. On Thursday, my husband and I attended the concert that night and had a blast. I was so excited that I came back the Friday morning for the matinee while he was at work! Needless to say I attended all three days main concerts and both matinees. Reflecting on the weekend, I must admit it was amazing. Every artist that crossed that stage was great. My husband, who can sometimes be hard to please, even made the statement that "there was not one bad artist at the convention." Last year's event in Lenoir, NC was good, but had its problems.  On the first night of the 2013 convention we had to be escorted  out do to a fire and the sound kept going out, but this years convention definitely made up for it. The emcee's was great, especially Mae who made me smile every time she stated "MY FAVORITE GROUP" or "GOOD GOOGILY GOOP"  and the singing was just phenomenal. God showed up on Friday night and the alter was filled; "Amens" and lifted hands filled the auditorium on Saturday as well. Saturday night on our way home, one of our neighbors that joined us for the concert stated that she had attended several LGMA concerts with the former owner, but that the new LGMA not only had the "cream of the crop" in talent, but was organized and had it all together like LGMA should have been all along. I can honestly say that I was even more impressed this year than from the previous year of the convention. You could tell that twenty six year old President Shellem Cline worked very hard and spent countless hours getting this convention together and it paid off. I love to see people on fire for God, but when those people are young people it makes it even sweeter! No wonder he not only was nominated but won the "Southern Gospel Forerunner" for the LGMA. I asked the lady at the gate about next years convention, and she said that it would be the same weekend, but not sure where. We enjoyed the event so much this year that my husband who can sometimes be a "workaholic" promised that he will be taking a few days off to attend the event in 2015. I can promise that  no matter where it will be held in 2015, my husband and I will be there! Again, I was very impressed and I would like to thank Shellem Cline along with every artist that attended the convention for making it a great experience for me, one that I will never forget!

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